.:Saturday, March 25, 2006:.



They have been caught! The animals that robbed the elderly lady at Walmart that I witnessed were caught! Apparently it happened when I was away in vacation and my brother told me he read about it in the local paper. They were three herion addicted girls and they are up on a variety of charges. Teh ranged in age from 19 -26. This wasn't the first time they did this. This particular robbery will land them in jail (hopefully for a long time) and the woman only had $6 in her wallet. They broke her arm for $6. I'm estatic as they are caught and in jail! WooHoo!!!!!!

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.:Thursday, March 16, 2006:.



My parents were due back from their vacation on Monday. They had someone (God Bless her) who dog sat while they were gone. In case anyone forgot, my parents have two dogs - Jack an older Yorkie/Beagle mix and Charlie a major mutt. I spent my Monday off up at their house walking, feeding and playing with the dogs. I got home close to 7pm.

At 8:15 the phone rings. Caller ID says "U.S. Customs." Shit! What did my parents do? It's a collect call from Mom and thank God they don't need to be bailed out! Apparently, the plane was an hour out of Puerto Rico and they had hydrolic problems and the plane had to turn around. I would have thought that they were closer to Florida, but it went back to PR. When they landed the runway was lined with emergency vehicles as they weren't sure if eh plane would have trouble landing/stopping. The landing even made it onto CNN! Mom was calling to tellme what happened and that they would not be coming home that night. Great, just great!

Now I have to go back to their house, drive in dense fog and get the two dogs. I had no desire to stay at my parents house, so I grabbed some food for them and put everyone into my Dad's jeep. Off we drove into the bowels of Hell!

Jack whines whenever he's in a car. We've never figured out why, but he's done this forever! Apparently, in the dog hierarcy in this family, Jack gets the front seat. Charlie stands on the console between the seats. How he balances there is beyond me, but I tried everything to try to keep him in the back and he wouldn't stay there! He leans against me, puts a paw on my arm and licks me non-stop! Sounds, cute? No way. Remember I'm driving in dense fog and he is distracting me and blocking my vision. I even threatned to leave him at PetCo when we drove by the store, but he blew that threat off. Cocky Mutt!

This was the first time I ever walked two dogs at once when I got to my place. Charlie is 100 times as strong as he looks. He was pulling me and Jack all over the place. Then he's in my condo not even 10 minutes and he's pooping on my rug! Their "visit" was a nightmare. Now, Jack has stayed with me before and he was fine, He settled in no problem. Charlie is not welcome back, unless he calms down. He's a maniac. I can't walk him here, because he goes bonkers when he sees people.

My parents have been taking him to 'doggy school' but I think he's failing.

Then I took him back to their house late afternoon and let them run wild to their hearts content! I was exhausted and my days off were practically gone. Mom and Dad made it back, thank God and the dogs are back with them.

They are going on a cruise in April and Jack is welcome to stay here, Charlie (the hound from hell) needs either a dog sitter or the kennel. He's too much to deal with and he also eats anything he can find...including my fuzzy leppard print slippers!

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.:Friday, March 10, 2006:.

.:The sun...the sand...the beaches!:.


The beaches were fantastic...as usual. The family favorite is Francis Bay and we go here the most. It's narrow and full of vegatation so when you find your spot, it's like being in an alcove.

Here's some photos from when we were driving around the island.

Here's me and Mom at Cinnamon Bay

And this is my brother John and his girlfriend Loren.

This is looking out to the water from Cinnamon. The land in the back is Tortola, which is one of the British Virgin islands.

I just loved this shot of the sky.

Here's a surprise visitor we had one day.

This area is called Peter's Bay. It is a gated community of absurdly expensive villas. One of these houses belongs to my current love - Kenny Chesney. The beach below is where he married Renee whats-her-name.

These are my best photos and hopefully they show how beautiful St. John is. I will always consider this island my second home. When I win Powerball...I will have a home there. Maybe even next door to Kenny!

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.:Wednesday, March 08, 2006:.

.:She's Back!!!!:.


I'm back. It was a great vacation. Did a whole lot of nothing and that was just perfect. I read books, sat out in the sun for hours every day and enjoyed the island. This was our 20th anniversary of going down to St. John. We've missed only 5 years in those 20, so when I call St John my second home - it really is.

This year my brotherJohn's girlfriend joined us. It was her first time in the Caribbean and it was fun seeing everything through her virgin eyes. I chronicled some of the trip with my camera.

It's a long trip to get there. We have to fly to Puerto Rico, transfer to a smaller plane to continue onto to St. Thomas. That usually takes 7 hours. Then it's a half hour taxi ride across St. Thomas to the ferry to St. John. Ferry leaves on the hour so you pray that you don't just miss it, cause then it's a long wait until the next one.

Here's the ferry leaving St. Thomas...

This is the ferry in the middle of the water.

This is us arriving at the St. John dock.

This was the house that we stayed at. In fact the parents are still there and I wish I was too!

This is the view through the living room out to the water. The body of water is Coral Bay.

That photo isn't the best, but it shows what we saw every day. The last photos for today will be of Coral bay off of our deck.

The area is full of tiny little lizards like gekos. They are all over the place and they always make their way into the house. I didn't have any problems with them, except when a larger one was in the bathroom and I asked my brothers to please get rid of it and instead they chased it into my robe! Then Jeff through the robe at me on purpose! I'm sure half the island heard me scream. We also had a small scorpian trot across the floor one evening. It was fine as long as I stayed on the sofa, but that was one thing that we had to kill. Those suckers are poisonous.

They only other thing of excitement I can think of right now is that there was an earthquake while we were down there. There were seven of us hanging out before dinner on the deck when my brothers and me felt a trembling. No one else said they felt anything. Two days later in the paper it said that there was a 5.3 quake centered in the ocean about 60 miles NE of Road Town, Tortola. Tortola is a short boat trip away. In fact it's easily viewable from most parts of St J. That was the second time down there that we had a earthquake.

We just take it all in stride. As they say there "No problems Mon."

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.:Monday, February 20, 2006:.

.:Humanity at it's worst - Part 2:.


I can't believe that that I'm have a part two. Never in my 45 years have I come across so much violence, so much of a blatant disregard for another person. The violence is out there in our world, but I have never personally have it affect me - until lately.

I have a kid who is one of my bellmen. Good kid, nineteen years old. He goes to college and works 3-4 days a week too. The kind of kid you want your daughters to date. While we were all working Friday night, his girlfriend went to a party. She didn't drink, even though there was alcohol there. All she had was a soda - a fucking soda laced with not one but three roofies.

FIVE hours later she woke up in a strange bed, naked, blood covered and confused. Someone took her to the hospital. She had been gang raped. This poor 18 year old child was gang raped by three teenage animals! They will rot in hell as they were stupid enough to video tape the whole thing and the police have it! The police also think that they didn't just do this to this poor young girl, but to at least one other.

Her life is messed up, because these scumbags got their thrills fucking an unconscious innocent. I only found out last night. My bellman got a call and told me he had to leave. It was 9:30 and he was the only one on. I asked him why, he hesitated and then told me. I told him to give me the work keys, his radio and get out of there and to her. Apparently the police had just shown her the video of what happened to her and no one was with her! Where the hell are her parents???

My heart goes out to her. But with the evidence they have collected in this short time (including a knife)these kids are going to jail and then they will have the joy of finding out what being raped is like. Except it won't be once for them..it will be every damn day!

On this note....I'm off to my vacation. Three long days of working ahead of me, but then 11 days of sun, sand and palm trees. I love being tan in the winter time! Relaxation...come and get me!!!!

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.:Tuesday, February 14, 2006:.

.:Blizzard of 2006:.


Good news - We hadn't had a real snow storm all year

Bad news - The snow saved itself up for this storm

Bad news - I had to work all weekend

Good news - My area was supposed to get slammed, but we actually got hit less with about 8 inches of snow. A lot of other places got 2 feet or more!

Bad news - I was up for 36 hours with one hour of sleep.

Sucks, right? Well I did have a room to sleep in, but just couldn't. My hotel was full of guests and we have to keep on working. The guests do not care if there are three feet of snow..they want the rooms cleaned, they want to be fed etc. Do they care that we are to stay off the roads, but have to risk ourselves to get in so they can be comfortable? No. In situations that are acts of nature or are completely out of our control (like an area wide blackout) have patience! If they think we are going to help an irrational asshole because they decided to come during a major storm and there's not enough staff to give him a massage....then he has another thing coming!

Anyway...here's a pic I took out the front door of the hotel.


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.:Sunday, February 05, 2006:.

.:I love work again:.


My boy-toy Drew is back working for us part time! Hot Damn! He is just so much fun! Just wish I'd find a guy that attracted me that actually has hair! Kenny Chesney - bald. Drew -bald and only mid 20's. Oh yeah....I still have Sav! Thank God Phil isn't my fav! LOL

Off to dream about Drew!

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